Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who voted this May. And particular thanks to those of you who chose to support local Liberal Democrat candidates.

Sandwell remains controlled by the Labour Party. We very much hope that they will take opportunities to work with the Commissioners the Government have sent in.

Nationally the Liberal Democrats were successful, gaining the most Council seats. In Sandwell our vote improved. Our colleagues in Birmingham and Solihull made very welcome gains.

We plan to continue to work with you on local issues here in Sandwell and we are grateful for all the contacts you have made with us and with those of you who have become members or official supporters of the LibDems. We will continue to keep in touch.

If there are any others who would like to be involved, you will be most welcome to join us.

Sadie Smith

Honorary President, Sandwell Liberal Democrats

Politics has become very interesting despite the frustration we have with the Tory Government. At present they do not seem to realise how significant the cost of living is to ordinary families. There are things they could do to help out hard pressed families.

We will keep nagging at them in the hope that some of their MPs will put pressure on too. If everyone is arguing for help, there is a slightly better chance of changing their minds.

We will have pressures very soon about protecting the green space in Sandwell. Please feel free to join in one of our Campaigns.

Thanks once again.


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