Save the date for our AGM!


With the LibDems doing better than ever in the polls, the date is now set for Sandwell LibDems Annual General Meeting which will be held in West Bromwich on Monday 28 October -  arrive 7.00pm  for a 7.30pm start

Further details will be available nearer the time, but we wanted you to be able to put this important date in your diary as soon as possible.

The following are the roles that should be filled to enable us to function effectively and sustainably.

Postholders elected at the AGM on 28 October 2019 take office from 1 January 2020.

If you are a member or supporter and are interested in standing for election for any of these posts please email us.

Chair: The Chair calls meetings, finalises the agenda and oversees overall strategy. The Chair is the main spokesperson for the local party and will liaise with other Chairs locally, regionally and nationally. They will also oversee the candidate selection committee. The full role varies considerably, depending on the size of the local party, level of activity and skill set of the officer team. In smaller parties, the Chair may carry out a fair amount of the duties of other officers, providing general support and guidance.

Treasurer: The Treasurer needs to keep accounts, which are audited annually, approved by the Executive and sent to Party HQ, and  must put in donation reports to the national party in accordance with the PPERA rules.

Vice Chair: The Vice Chair works alongside the Chair and deputises when appropriate. In case of absence of the Chair, acts on behalf of the local party, for example responding to an urgent media enquiry, or contacting members of the Executive Committee to reach a quick decision on an urgent matter.

Secretary: The Secretary arranges and minutes executive meetings and the AGM. They ensure decisions are consistent with constitutional requirements and make arrangements for election or selection of local executive officers and party candidates, ensuring that these are done in line with proper procedures. They handle general administration, including correspondence with Lib Dem HQ, and keeping records of local party officers up to date.

Membership & Supporters Officer: The Membership & Supporters Officer is the main point of contact for most members and supporters, making sure that they are involved with the local party. They send new members a welcome email and arrange events for them to attend and get them involved with campaigning. They also have the important job of keeping members up to date with their payments, and are the local party lead on recruiting more members.

Data Officer: The Data Officer manages your local party's campaign data, using Connect, your local party's membership data, using Salesforce and email lists, using NationBuilder. You also manipulate and use data for local campaigns and ensure data is processed in accordance with the party data protection rules.

Campaigns Manager: The Campaign Manager will lead on production of creative and effective digital and printed communication to deliver our agreed literature plan. They will coordinate the work of local volunteers - ensuring we have an active and energised team of members and supporters strong enough to achieve our electoral objective, collaborate effectively with the local party – and other partners supporting the local party’s campaigns, such as ALDC, National Campaigns Department. They will also support the management of the local party’s electoral and membership data and monitoring and respond to contacts via the office and the website.

Fundraising Officer: The Fundraising Officer will set up a basic fundraising framework to strengthen your local party's prospects in the short- and long-terms. They will make new contacts, be involved in interesting events and will become an indispensable part of the local team. The Fundraising Officer will champion the fundraising drive and goal, bring together and motivate a small team, steer and coach the candidate(s), so they can help generate money too. They will Identify or garner potential donors and steward relationships with those donors as well as oversee fundraising appeals and asks and completing goals and stimulating new ideas.

Diversity Officer: The aim of the Diversity Officer is making the local party more relatable to the community, reaching out to different groups and is happy to go to many events to meet new and different people. You are prepared to learn about their concerns, so that you can help the exec group take them into consideration when discussing and deciding the local manifesto or different policies. This role can also be a great help to your local party’s fundraising and campaigning activities, as well as your Membership Officer when it comes to organising events.

Social Media Officer: The Media Officer communicates the local party's activities and achievements to the community. This helps develop the party's reputation, but crucially it tells voters what the local Liberal Democrats team is campaigning for. This means that when you canvass your voters, they may already have heard of your activities. Channels for communication are the local party website, the social media channels of the local party and any of its prominent members, such as councillors, and the local and regional press in your area. The Media Officer should control and deliver a strategy for communicating with the public along all of these channels.

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