Politics is Broken

key_Sandwell_-_Lib_Dems_logo_small.pngLabour is broken. 

Seven former Labour MPs have resigned their party and have come out today saying they are embarrassed and ashamed of Labour today. 

Labour is a party that has for years been pulled to the hard, extremist left. 

A party that has done nothing to address the bullying and antisemitism in their midst.

A party that is enabling the Tories on Brexit. 

As these seven MPs have worked out - something has to change

Labour is not alone in seeing their party tear themselves apart in recent months. The Conservative party looks every bit as divided and fractious towards their leader as Labour does, and there are many Conservative MPs and members whose views no also longer align with the hard right direction the party has moved towards. 

Politics is broken, and I agree - something has to change. 

But now is not the time for a fledgeling new party to emerge. 

Britain is just over a month away from leaving the EU – without a deal – when the majority of the public want us to Remain. 

We have offered the hand of friendship to these MPs who have shown courage in breaking away from Labour and who share our values. We look forward to cooperating with them in parliament and in their constituencies. 

But there is only one established party, with the resources and experience, to fight for a people’s vote right now. 

We need to keep our attention and focus on fighting this disastrous Tory government. There's only one way out of the national embarrassment that is Brexit - a people's vote. Will you share our campaign to fight for a final say on Brexit, and help us keep the focus on fighting against Brexit?

Vince Cable 
Leader of the Liberal Democrats 

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