Our Plan for Sandwell - Standing up for our towns

In our manifesto, we outline how the Liberal Democrats will continue to stand up for our six towns and be ambitious for the borough.

We are fighting for improved local services, greater accountability, developing a strong local economy with more local jobs, and making Sandwell a great place to live.

We are making commitments that will provide more support and more activities for young people, better services for the elderly and vulnerable, quality and affordable housing for families, and action on protecting our environment.

Read our plan below and the full manifesto here.

View the Manifesto

1. Develop a Strong Local Economy

The Lib Dems want to see real action to help create jobs - as we recover from the impact of the Covid pandemic. Transform our high streets into new community and cultural hubs fir for the 21st century. We will back local businesses and help local people into good jobs.

2. Make Sandwell a Great Place to Live

Liberal Democrats are working with local residents to improve local communities. This includes protecting and improving our local environment and heritage, taking action to keep our six towns clean and tidy, and making walking and cycling safer and easier.

3. Fight to Improve Local Services

Lib Dem campaigners in Sandwell are standing up for our area and demanding better accountability and better services. We are opposing Council plans concrete-over our precious green space. We want more police on our streets to tackle crime and are pressing for improved bus, tram, and rail services.

4. Provide Quality & Affordable Housing

Lib Dems in Sandwell would plan for new, affordable homes on brownfield sites, so that local people are not priced out. We would demand high quality, energy efficient homes from developers, and fight for local people to have a say in planning decisions.

5. Take Action on Climate Change

Lib Dems are leading the fight on climate change. We will help residents live in a sustainable community -taking action on air quality and providing more electric vehicle charging points.

6. Build an Inclusive Sandwell for Everyone

The Liberal Democrats will strive to make our six towns a great and welcoming place to live for all our residents. We need modern youth centre facilities in Sandwell, better child-friendly services and support, and to tackle domestic abuse.

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