Noise Pollution in Wednesbury

Local activist and campaigner Ian Gomes Walker was contacted by residents in Wednesbury North in regards to loud music being played between 6 PM and 1 AM. This is happening every 3rd Friday and Saturday of the month. Unfortunately, residents are unable to locate were the music is coming from, all they are able to say is that you can hear it in the following street's Berkshire Crescent, Kent Road and Suffolk Road. These streets have families with young children, elderly or vulnerable people, and NHS key workers who are unable to sleep when this music is blasting out. Ian has contacted the Council's Noise Pollution department asking if they could either send someone round the area to try and identity were the music is coming from, or to write to all the residents in those street's advising residents about the council policy on playing music. Ian is  waiting for a reply.

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