Farron: May has made the wrong choices on security

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron has criticised Theresa May's approach to security, accusing her of making the wrong choices on police cuts, mass surveillance and the fight against extremism.


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Tim Farron's statement about the London attacks

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, and I would like to pay tribute to the emergency services for their professional response in such terrible circumstances.


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Nuffield Trust report shows May's extreme Brexit would be disaster for NHS

A report by the Nuffield Trust has found the NHS could face a bill of almost half a billion pounds if retired British people currently living in other EU countries decide to return to the UK because their access to healthcare abroad is withdrawn after Brexit.

The report also calculates that care homes and home-care agencies could end up as many as 70,000 staff short by 2025/26, if migration of unskilled workers from the EU is halted after Brexit.


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Top Tim TV debate moments clipped

1) “How dare she call an election and then run away from the debate.”



2) He brought the house down with his invitation to the audience: "make yourself a brew. You're not worth Theresa May's time. Don't give her yours."


3) Tim received a loud cheer when he took on UKIP’s Paul Nuttall for demonising immigrants, recalling the man who was racially abused on his way home after working 50 hours to treat victims of the Manchester bombing. “He was a doctor. That is what happens,” he thundered “when you demonise immigrants.”


4) He told Jeremy Corbyn that he wouldn’t have the money to improve public services because Corbyn’s Labour traipsed through the division lobbies supporting the Conservatives and UKIP on Brexit. 


Farron: May must stop keeping voters in the dark

Tim Farron has called on Theresa May to stop keeping voters in the dark and defend her policies in tonight's debate.


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After BA debacle Tories must agree to keep EU flight compensation scheme

The chief executive of British Airways, Alex Cruz, today said he is "profusely" sorry for an IT meltdown he revealed has disrupted 75,000 passengers' flights.  But the Liberal Democrats are pointing out the scheme that allows passengers to claim compensation could be put at risk due to the Tory extreme Brexit. 


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15 Questions The Tories Refuse To Answer

15 Questions the Tories won't answer - Farron

Today, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has laid down 15 questions for the Conservatives to answer on the big issues of national security, schools, health and social care, welfare and their manifesto.  He has attacked the Conservatives for ‘hiding their real agenda from the public.’



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Energy bill hike will add to Brexit squeeze on households - Davey

Energy bill hike will add to Brexit squeeze on households - Davey


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Clegg: Theresa May should be inspired by Jamie Oliver, not Oliver Twist

Clegg: May should take her inspiration from Jamie Oliver not Oliver Twist

Nick Clegg has warned today (Saturday 27th May) that Theresa May's plans to scrap free school lunches could hit children's health by depriving hundreds of thousands of pupils of their 5-a-day


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Cable: IFS analysis shows Conservatives and Labour are hiding impact of their plans from the public

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has published a damning analysis of the Labour and Conservative manifestos, saying that neither party “has set out an honest set of choices.” 

It says plans in the Conservative manifesto could do "serious damage" to the quality of public services such as the NHS and schools, while Labour's tax rises may not raise anything like the tax revenues they have claimed.


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