Lib Dems Prompt Animal Cruelty Law Change.

Lib Dem candidate for Warley, Bryan Manley-Green (pictured below), today expressed his delight at Michael Gove's decision to bring in to law the Lib Dem position on the most serious animal cruelty offences.


Bryan commented "Our party manifesto contained a policy of raising the maximum penalty for animal cruelty from six months imprisonment to five years. We tabled questions in parliament as long ago as January, and now, finally, the government has changed its tone and implemented our demands"

Liberal Democrat Environment Spokesperson Kate Parminter commented:

“It’s very welcome that the government is finally agreeing to introduce tougher sentences for extreme cruelty against animals.

“This policy was proposed in the recent Liberal Democrat manifesto and is something we have long campaigned for. While the Conservatives have had to drop many unpopular policies from their own manifesto, it is good to see they are now reaching for the Liberal Democrat one instead.

“For too long, offenders in cases involving extreme and premeditated cruelty have got away with little more than a slap on the wrist.

“We must now ensure this legislation is passed and implemented as soon as possible to deter more of these horrific crimes from happening."

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