Hands off Wilderness Lane (and other Green Belt land)!

Local residents have contacted us concerned about the land off Wilderness Lane, between Peak House Road and Q3 Academy. They have asked us why no one knows about these plans? This is because there are not plans, yet. However, this does not mean there is no danger of houses being built on this land and as many people as possible should make their voice heard about this. Sign our petition and join the campaign to save this and other green belt land from Labour mismanagement and the Tory power grab over planning decisions. You can sign the petition here.

Although the Mayor of the West Midlands has said this land is under threat from developers who want to build hundreds of houses on it, the reason nobody in the area has heard it is because there has not been a planning application submitted to build on this land.  And indeed, since the Council has not only designated this land NOT SUITABLE FOR HOUSING, and have also said it is important for nature conservation, we would expect our Planning Officers to recommend refusal of any such application, if one comes forward. If there is a planning application submitted for this land, the Council will write to all residents of Wilderness Lane and Peak House Road, and I suspect most of the other roads nearby.

Unfortunately, changes the Conservative government have made to the planning laws (in 2018/19) mean a landowner can ask for a site to be considered for development. And new changes they are proposing mean bureaucrats, or ministers, in Whitehall could decide on new planning proposals in some zones. Given their apparent concern about Green Belt land in Great Barr, we expect Andy Street and our local MP to oppose these changes. These changes threaten land such as the Wilderness Lane site, as well as other land like that near Tanhouse Avenue that the Council has designated as unsuitable for housing, if they are added to a development zone. This is an issue that all three parties could cooperate on, since one of the local Labour Councillors is also said to have met with Mr Street. The more people that oppose these plans the better.

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