Govt has lost the Saudi case in the court of public opinion - Farron

UK government arms sales to Saudi Arabia are lawful, the High Court has ruled, after seeing secret evidence. Commenting on the news, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:


“The government might be acting lawfully but in the court of public opinion they are guilty of selling weapons that are being used against civilians in a brutal and bloody civil war.

“The government has a duty to make sure that weapons we sell are used in accordance to with international law.  It seems this government decide to look the other way and bank the massive cheques but don’t hold the Saudis to account.

“We need stronger rules and I believe arms deals should be blocked to countries like Saudi Arabia, nations that we have serious human rights concerns about.

“How many innocent people must die, with weapons emblazoned with ‘Made in UK’ before this government find a backbone?”

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