Government failing prisoners, prison officers and governors - Davey

Commenting on the open letter from the president of the Prison Governors Association following recent violence in prisons in Hertfordshire and Wiltshire, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Ed Davey said: 


"The criticisms levelled by the President of the Prison Governors Association at the Ministry of Justice must be taken seriously. This Conservative government are not only failing the prisoners in their care but also the prison officers and governors who work tirelessly to keep us safe.

"It is astounding that repeated warnings about the state of our prisons seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Violence continues unabated and it seems that either this government can't get a grip or simply doesn't care.

"The Justice Secretary must act quickly to recruit more officers and tackle the endemic problems of overcrowding and lack of education and training available to prisoners otherwise we are looking at a summer of violence and continued crisis."

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