From The Chair

Welcome to Sandwell Liberal Democrats.

Portrait of Bob Smith, Chair of Sandwell Lib DemsWe are passionate about fighting for a fairer, more caring and greener society. We also want to work closely with business to help bring about a healthy and stimulating, working environment from which we will all benefit. 

It may surprise you to know that we have nearly 2,600 councillors across the UK and are currently leading or having the deputy leadership in 50 councils. It’s a challenge when we don’t get the airtime of the two other parties to share our successes. We think we have something fresh and substantial to offer and we want to let people know.

Currently we have several campaigns going across Sandwell (detailed on this  website) where local people have been unable to get satisfactory responses from the local council. We are taking on issues that threaten the wellbeing of residents to ensure our community environments are healthier and safer places to live in.

The Labour-dominated Sandwell Council has been subject to some brutal in- fighting, (invariably between the right-wing and the far left), with leaders being regularly displaced over recent years depending on which clique have most control at the time. As I write this in July 2020, Yvonne Davies, who was allegedly involved in the removal of their previous leader, has just been suspended by the Labour party and had to resign as Leader of the Council. These activities distract the council from providing the service needed by Sandwell’s residents. We feel we are well placed to provide the scrutiny and challenge the council so badly needs - to provide a good and healthy service to the people of Sandwell.

The Tories are often seen as the party of big business and therefore would say they’re best organised to lead. We have all seen their incompetence in managing the COVID-19 pandemic and the erosion of trust by the actions of unelected advisers such as Dominic Cummings. The fact that our death toll has consistently been higher than any other European country tells us about their real level of competence and, some might say, levels of compassion.     

The next council elections will be in ten months time, so if you are somebody who wants to help make some positive changes happen please do let us know. Believe me, your active support however small, will be very much welcomed.

We have some very experienced members on our current executive and I will be hoping to add some new, fresh faces to ensure all parts of the community are represented and to develop a real team energy.  Come and join us! 

Bob Smith
Chair, Sandwell Liberal Democrats