From The Chair

Welcome to Sandwell Liberal Democrats. After several years as Secretary or Chair, Bryan Manley-Green has stepped down as Chair. As the new Chair for 2020, I would like to thank Bryan for his service to the Party.We will continue to fight for an open, tolerant, and fair society for everyone.

Despite more than doubling our vote locally in December, nationally it was a disappointing election for the Liberal Democrats.  Although we gained 1.3 million votes, to 3.7 million, the vagaries of the electoral system meant that we lost a seat. So, although we increased our share of the vote by 4.2% to 11.5%, our voters were denied a greater say in Parliament. The Tories gained only 300,000 votes but that translated into an extra 48 seats.  And perhaps most significantly, we will leave the EU at the end of the January.

We now face a huge challenge on issues as diverse as mitigating the possible damage from our departure from the most successful trade block in the world, combatting the climate emergency, and holding Sandwell Borough’s one-party state to account.  The potential prize for succeeding, however, is vast. The journey starts again now - first stop: May’s local elections. Join us in our fight to make your voice heard. - We can’t do it without you!

Robert Johns
Chair, Sandwell Liberal Democrats