Farron: May must stop keeping voters in the dark

Tim Farron has called on Theresa May to stop keeping voters in the dark and defend her policies in tonight's debate.


It comes as the Liberal Democrats have revealed 20 policies in the Conservative manifesto that will be reviewed or consulted on after the election, opening the door to them being watered down or scrapped altogether.

These include details on the dementia tax, restricting winter fuel payments and the capping of energy bills. Key issues after Brexit have also been left vague and up for review, including the replacement of EU funding for disadvantaged regions, subsidies for farmers and quotas for the fishing industry.

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:

"Theresa May called this election but now won't even turn up to debate the issues.

"She's clearly terrified of having to defend the cruel and heartless policies in the Conservative manifesto.

“From Brexit to the dementia tax, Theresa May is keeping voters in the dark and preparing to impose her cold, mean-spirited vision of Britain.

“The more Liberal Democrat MPs are elected, the more we can hold Theresa May account on Brexit and stand up for our schools, NHS and care.”


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