Bryan Manley-Green responds to passport debacle

Responding to the news that “blue British” passports will be made in France, Bryan Manley-Green, Lib Dem PPC for Warley said:

“Of course it’s sad that jobs may be lost due to this decision, but they’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last to go due to the referendum result.  Looking inwardly can have major implications for our exporters and create many invisible barriers to trade.

“We shouldn’t forget that we expect other countries to buy our goods and services and it has to be a two way street, even for passports, especially if we want a good trade deal.  De La Rue make passports for around 40 countries, so losing those contracts would jeopardise far more jobs than those already on the line.  Of course, we could impose a tariff if we leave the EU, this would simply mean us all paying more for a passport – and many other things – especially if a trade war breaks out post-Brexit.  


“The whole Brexit saga has turned into a complete farce – we don’t even know where these new passports will enable us to travel.  After all, the need for a visa to go to Europe hasn’t been ruled out.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of ironies that the country is now facing. 

“I suppose we should all be happy with the decision, after all, being British means we like to moan and queue, and the new blue British passports allow us to do just that. 

“Once we know exactly what Brexit means, we surely must have an opportunity to have a final say on the country’s future”.  

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