Action in Tipton and Oldbury

LibDem activist Ian Gomes Walker, has recently been dealing with issues in the Oldbury and Tipton areas. A lot of the issues were to do with crime in the Princes End area. Ian has had very positive feedback from Police's North Sector Neighbourhood Manager, in regards to the issues he raised with him 

  • Anti social behaviour around Junction 2 of the M5. Youths were being identified and letters were on the way clearly issuing them with a warning that if they reoffended the police will take further action, and regular patrols will be made in the area.
  • In the Princes End area of Tipton the police did have a spate of burglaries during February and March 2020. The police say they did a lot of work in the area to try and stop this. And this was successful , since the crime rate in the area has been reducing month by month .in April 2019  the crime level was 112, in April 2020  it was down to 73.
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