About the Executive

The Sandwell Liberal Democrats elected a new Executive Committee at its AGM in October. This was announced to members and supporters in December, and has hit the ground running, thanks to the cooperation and support of previous Executives. Their help has ensured that the new team have had a smooth handover of responsibilities. Here is a quick guide to the new Executive.

Honorary President: Sadie Smith

Sadie was the first Liberal Democrat Mayor of Sandwell, and a former Councillor for Great Barr and Yew Tree ward. As Mayor, she setup a multi-faith advisory group to promote community cohesion in Sandwell.

Sadie was also the leader of the official opposition on the Council for several years, and knows how important it is to hold the Labour-led Council to account.

Photo of Mayr Sadie Smith

Photo of Sadie when she was Mayor of Sandwell

Chair: Bob Smith

Bob was a Head of Department at Sandwell College, and ran a successful business in Warley for 25 years. Practices as a psychotherapist and is our spokesperson on mental health.

Working together more effectively is also a LibDem mantra whether it's in communities, in parliament or with Europe. If the Tories are led by big business and Labour by the unions we have seen how damaging, divisive and confrontationally that can play out. The LibDems have over 100,000 members who want to create a more accepting and robust environment where different views and attitudes can work alongside each other, as we learn from each other.

Treasurer and Vice-Chair: Robert Johns

As the new Vice-chair from July 2020, I would like to thank Bryan for his service to the local party. We will continue to fight for an open, tolerant, and fair society for everyone.

Despite more than doubling our vote locally in December, nationally it was a disappointing election for the Liberal Democrats. Although we gained 1.3 million votes, to 3.7 million, the vagaries of the electoral system meant that we lost a seat. So, although we increased our share of the vote by 4.2% to 11.5%, our voters were denied a greater say in Parliament. The Tories gained only 300,000 votes but that translated into an extra 48 seats.  And perhaps most significantly, we will leave the EU at the end of the January.

We now face a huge challenge on issues as diverse as mitigating the possible damage from our departure from the most successful trade block in the world, combatting the climate emergency, and holding Sandwell Borough’s one-party state to account.  The potential prize for succeeding, however, is vast. The journey starts again now - first stop: May’s local elections. Join us in our fight to make your voice heard. - We can’t do it without you!

Photo of Rob Johns, centre, with Nigel and Bertram
Rob, centre, out campaigning with Nigel and Bertram

Bertram with local doctor, and Rees-Mogg nemesis,
Dr David Nicholl.

Diversity Officer: Bertram Richards

Bertram is a Local campaigner who has worked with numerous community groups in training and development with ongoing interests in housing, law, criminology, and education.

He is our Housing and Communities spokesperson.

Media Officer: Mark Smith

Mark is an editor, translator and interpreter, who speaks Japanese, and helped arrange a meeting between Sandwell Council officers and a visiting consultant from Japan in 2006. He is also a former Councillor for Newton ward.

Membership Secretary: Nigel Fearn

Nigel lives in West Bromwich and is an educator who has published a book, Travel to Unravel, used by some local schools. He is also a keen recycler and is our spokesperson on Recycling and the Environment.


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